If there is frost on the grass on the way back from the bus stop, I will stand there staring at it every time.  Same for flocks of  blackbirds, being lifted like a scarf. But that last part is  Updike’s words, not mine.

I hate going to bed and like to stay up late, and therefore I relate to most 2-year-olds.   I make my kids pay for their own cell phone plans.

I have never straightened my crazy hair.  I will drink coffee no matter who makes it because I can’t tell when it’s bad. Although I do know when it’s really good.

Social injustice gets me riled up.

I love the mountains, and the beach, my small town, and large cities.  I don’t do walks in the rain or pina coladas at all.  I will, however, dance on stage for the right charity.

I have to know the names of the trees around me.  When my daughter lived in Florida, she didn’t know the names of the trees at first and I understood her frustration.

I don’t have a favorite artist or author, but my favorite mathematician is Fibonacci. And yes, in Pisa, I made my kids stand next to his statue for a photograph.

I prefer thrift stores to the mall but I love minimalist design.   I will put all the rocks and shells that we find on vacation in a jar with a note. I once had to urgently remedy the fact that there wasn’t a copy of “The Peaceable Kingdom” in my house.

I converted my workspace to a standing desk because it is more conducive to fidgeting.

I can spot a 4 leaf clover while walking to the laundry line.  We can still find arrowheads in the field behind the house after it’s plowed.  The light at the end of our road at 3pm in January is gorgeous.  At the top of the hill behind our house, you can see the fronts of weather systems, just like the graphics on the news.

My children have grown too fast and I swear that I did not take enough pictures.  I miss the age when they thought that the moon was following us, even though they knew it wasn’t.   Write down all the weird things your kids say.  And then use it to make them laugh when they’re struggling through that AP class years later.

My husband makes me absolutely crazy. I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Also, I went to school for photography.

(SUNY, FIT, class of ’91)




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